New Release: Belongings and Possessions

Belongings and Possessions A Mannison Triplet by Deidre J Owen, K. B. Bailey, and J. B. Rockwell Supernatural Horror (142 pages)Available in 5x8 paperback and ebook formats. Three tales. Three voices. One malevolence. Sometimes it's the people. Sometimes it's the structure. Sometimes it's the land itself. But once a deep evil settles into a place, … Continue reading New Release: Belongings and Possessions

New Minibook: “The Shadow from Carcosa”

THE SHADOW FROM CARCOSABy E. L. Giles Cosmic Horror (58 pages)Available in 4x7 paperback and ebook formats. A doorless room, alien drawings, and a lingering presence greet Gervase upon waking. He remembers nothing of this place, only mysterious and terrifying flashbacks. Haunted by memories of screaming men, the evil glow of vermillion eyes, and a … Continue reading New Minibook: “The Shadow from Carcosa”

New Novella: “Echoes of Distant Shadows”

Echoes of Distant ShadowsBy Gary Clifton Crime Noir, historical fiction (252 pages)Available in paperback and ebook formats. Dallas homicide detectives are called to investigate two seemingly unrelated cases: the murder of a wealthy businessman, and a gruff old man who insists he's been murdered. The dying old man claims to have been assassinated by a … Continue reading New Novella: “Echoes of Distant Shadows”

New Novella: “Terminal Faults”

TERMINAL FAULTSby Deidre J Owen Science Fiction/Horror (180 pages)Available in 5x8 paperback and ebook formats. How complex our faults. Two young couples plot and scheme their way through life, unmoved by the havoc and heartache they inflict. A mother and daughter indulge in their most gluttonous desires, indifferent to the suffering of others. A serial … Continue reading New Novella: “Terminal Faults”

Presenting the all new Mannison Triplet!

Innsmouth Cinema: An Eldritch Triple Feature By Rhiannon Lotze, Ronald Linson, Tim Mendees Lovecraftian Horror (108 pages)Available in paperback and ebook formats. This is the story of a B-movie dynasty as told in three thrilling tales by three thrilling talents.In "Tentacles Attack!" movie set designer John Fjord is down on his luck and desperate to … Continue reading Presenting the all new Mannison Triplet!

New Novella: “Blood Bounty: Wanted Dead but Alive”

BLOOD BOUNTY: WANTED DEAD BUT ALIVE By Owen Atkinson Horror Western Mashup (246 pages)Available in ebook and 5x8 paperback. Bounty hunter.Bank robber.Corpse.What should have been the end for Garrett Adams is only the beginning. Betrayed and murdered by those he trusted, he rises from the dead to exact bloody vengeance. Aided by the local mortician, … Continue reading New Novella: “Blood Bounty: Wanted Dead but Alive”