’22 Review, ’23 Preview

Greetings, friends and fans, and welcome to a shiny new year!

The beginning of January is a nice time to reflect on what was accomplished in the previous year and set plans for the year to come. As such, we thought it would be nice to share such ruminations and anticipations you, with our supporters.

To start, we admit that 2022 was a slower year for Mannison Press. When a significant illness strikes a team this small, it can impact operations tremendously, and our designer will tell you that “Long Covid” is no joke. It’s been nearly a year and she’s still struggling with the aftereffects of COVID-19. In happier news, our editor secured a comfortable new day job late in 2022. We are thrilled for him! However, even happy news can affect our humble little indie pub.

However, despite these outside influences slowing us down, we still managed to publish several fun new books in 2022! Let’s take a look…

We began by introducing another exciting new format in short form fiction: the Mannison Triplet. This unique format boasts one overarching tale told in three parts by three separate authors. Our inaugural Triplet, Innsmouth Cinema, dives into old Hollywood with a creepy B-movie dynasty plagued by tentacles.

Next, we went to hell in outer space! Meet a duplicitous foursome, dysfunctional gluttons, a serial killer, and a pair of deranged robots in Deidre J Owen’s novella Terminal Faults. And there’s more! Not only did the author fill the back of the book with fascinating supplemental tidbits and trivia, but she offers a BONUS short story about one of her Qubots for free!

Then, in preparation for things to come, we re-released Burning Reflection by Tim Mendees in a 5×8 novella format. After all, it’s only the right thing to do when a standalone story gets converted to “volume one.” You can learn more about Volume I and Volume II, Boiling Shadow, on the release article here. Looking forward to the next installments… yes, plural! (More on that below.)

In the fall, we lightened things up in the fall with Deidre J Owen’s humorous heroes-and-villains novella. What’s a vigilante to do without a villain to pursue? Find out in Power Vacuum!

Then we rounded out the year with the gritty crime noir Echoes of Distant Shadows. Author Gary Clifton adds murder and international espionage to the JFK tragedy in his historical fiction novella.

2023 Preview

So, what’s next for Mannison Press? How about a new Mannion Minibook, another Triplet, several novellas, and what’s that about maybe another Minibook anthology??? Here’s a preview!

Coming soon from E. L. Giles is a true homage to Lovecraftian horror: The Shadow from Carcosa. A doorless room, alien drawings, a stygian shadowy body, and a baffling puzzle with horrifying consequences…brace yourself.

We’re excited for the release of our next Mannison Triplet: Belongings and Possessions by Deidre J Owen, K. B. Bailey, and J. B. Rockwell. An adolescent dancer is targeted by an ominous presence, a bullied pre-teen is enticed by an old ghost story, and a troubled teenager tags along with her feisty great-gran to visit the mysterious ruins in the woods. Three tales, three voices, one malevolence. Coming this February.

Terminal Faults fans are in for a thrill this spring! Deidre J Owen takes us back to the beginning, before Civic-1916, before Domestic-212, before any of the 5,000 Qubots ever went into production, she takes us back to meet the original Twin Units in her prequel, Person and Machine: The First Terminal Fault.

And later this year, The Hollowhills Cycle continues! Author Tim Mendees brings us Volume III: Blasted Soul and Volume IV: The Heartbeat of the Earth. Stay tuned to learn more.

Hmm? A new anthology?? Okay, who spilled the beans! (Do people still say that? “Spill the beans”?) But YES! Mannison Press is now in the early planning stages for a new flash fiction anthology similar to our Minibook anthology from 2021, The Good, the Bad, & the Cute: The Secret Ways of Dolls. BUT, you’re going to have to wait for the details…we’re playing those cards close to the chest for the time being.

Are you enticed? Yeah, you are, you’re totally enticed. Make sure you’re following our blog or have tapped into our social media. You’re not going to want to miss out!

Wishing a happy new year to you and yours,
Deidre & Ron

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