Presenting the all new Mannison Triplet!

Innsmouth Cinema: An Eldritch Triple Feature

By Rhiannon Lotze, Ronald Linson, Tim Mendees

Lovecraftian Horror (108 pages)
Available in paperback and ebook formats.

This is the story of a B-movie dynasty as told in three thrilling tales by three thrilling talents.

In “Tentacles Attack!” movie set designer John Fjord is down on his luck and desperate to land a job with a production company in old Hollywood. His fate will be sealed by two chance encounters: one with true love, the other with ultimate evil.

In “Cthulhu Chicks,” Kevin and Dale head to a fan convention to meet twin starlets Stacey and Vanessa. Much to the young men’s delight, they hit it off with the starlets, who agree to a double date. However, the starry-eyed fans soon discover that truth is stranger than fiction, and far more terrifying.

In “Y’ha-ntlei Rising,” friends Drew and Mike sneak onto the set of a new horror movie. Drew is there to catch a glimpse of the stars, while Mike cares only about finding his girlfriend, who was hired as an extra and hasn’t returned his calls in days. Both men encounter more than they’d bargained for on this unconventional modern movie set.

Innsmouth Cinema: An Eldritch Triple Feature is a Mannison Triplet by Rhiannon Lotze, Ronald Linson, and Tim Mendees, published by Mannison Press.

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