About Us

Authors Ronald Linson and Deidre J Owen have been working together since 2018 and have enjoyed collaborating on a number of projects. With future collaborations in the works and big plans for some large-scale projects, they have partnered together to create Mannison Press. Current projects include an anthology due for release in October 2019 and a new line of Minibooks by various authors to be released over the coming months.

As a new independent publisher, Mannison Press is small but growing quickly. Distribution of our publications is currently managed through Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) for both print-on-demand and digital formats, and the Smashwords network for digital format. Further platforms offering expanded distribution are currently being considered. Our marketing division is still in development but includes our website, social media accounts, and word-of-mouth.

Ronald Linson

Co-founder and Editor-in-Chief

Operating under the pen name Ronald Linson, Morgan Schafer was born and raised in western Connecticut. He now lives in New York City working as a freelance editor. Morgan writes primarily science fiction, fantasy, and horror, but has been known to dabble in other genres as well. Current projects include a young adult fantasy and a children’s series.

In November 2017, he won first place in the On the Premises Mini-Short Story Contest #35. Many of his short stories and poems can be found for free online.

Deidre J Owen

Co-founder and Designer

Deidre J Owen was born in Lexington, Kentucky, but aside from a stint in the Canadian Maritimes as a young adult, she has spent a majority of her time in the Tampa Bay area in Florida.

A versatile writer, Deidre has taken delight in exploring many different genres including contemporary fiction, speculative fiction, children’s books, Christian themes, humor, and horror. She enjoys the occasional collaboration with other writers and illustrates all her own work.

She is currently loving life with her husband in Lithia, Florida, as a writer and work-from-home mother to the couple’s young daughter.