Crowdfunding Closed

As of today, April 2nd, our crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo has closed. While we did not reach our goal of $1,500, we did achieve the required minimum and will therefore receive our funds. When combined with several generous direct donations, we will be able to move forward with the anthology project and pay our authors … Continue reading Crowdfunding Closed

Anthology Filled!

We are thrilled to announce that "Little Boy Lost: More Tales of Youth Disrupted" has its official line-up! Here is the complete list of authors (in order of acceptance): Angelique FawnsKen GoldmanGabriel HartNicola KapronNoah GraceJeremy ThackrayCathy BryantJohn B. RosenmanT. Y. Euliano, MDFiona M JonesMarie VibbertMark F. GeatchesTim MendeesDon NoelPiers Anthony You can find a brief … Continue reading Anthology Filled!

New Minibook: “Dina’s Dryad”

"Dina's Dryad"By Chris Doerner Dark Fantasy (46 pages) Available in paperback and ebook formats. An isolated and troubled teen finds her life shredded after a mysterious figure crashes her thirteenth birthday party. This uninvited guest grants the teen her fondest wishes...whether she wants them granted or not. BUY HERE: Kindle $0.99Paperback $4.99 Smashwords ebooks $0.99 … Continue reading New Minibook: “Dina’s Dryad”

New Minibook: “Tricks of the Blade”

"Tricks of the Blade"By Eric Lwis Fantasy/Speculative Fiction (120 pages) Available in paperback and ebook formats. Bridging the gaps between classic fantasy, low fantasy, and speculative realism, these six tales show that sometimes our own preconceptions, doubts, and self-delusions can prove more troublesome than any magical or sword-wielding foe.  BUY HERE: Kindle $0.99Paperback $4.99 Smashwords … Continue reading New Minibook: “Tricks of the Blade”

January 2020: ENVIE Magazine Feature

ENVIE Magazine A Magazine for the Literary CuriousJanuary 2020 Mannison Press was featured in ENVIE Magazine's "A Guide to Publishing Connections" segment (pg. 22). MP co-founder and designer Deidre J Owen also gave ENVIE an in-depth interview (pg. 9-10). Visit their website below where you download the's FREE! Visit ENVIE Magazine here. [Correction: Of … Continue reading January 2020: ENVIE Magazine Feature

New Minibook: “Dont Mess with Bunnies”

"Don't Mess with Bunnies"By Craig Crawford Dark Fantasy (44 pages) Available in paperback and ebook formats. Avery is your average teenager with the usual teenage problems...until a seemingly mundane creature gets into her head. This meek and defenseless-looking animal reveals to her the startling cost for the abuse of its kind. Avery quickly learns that … Continue reading New Minibook: “Dont Mess with Bunnies”