New Minibook: “The Art of Anatomy”

The Art of AnatomyBy Gary Power Supernatural Horror / Body Horror (74 pages)Available in paperback and ebook formats. When Gregori Dragan’s carnival of the bizarre rolls into the dusty desert town of Snake Falls in the Summer of 1936, one thing is for sure—there will be repercussions. For the grifter, the carny, the cripple, and … Continue reading New Minibook: “The Art of Anatomy”

New Minibook: “Of Gods & Myth”

Of Gods & MythBy Rhiannon Lotze Fantasy/Mythology (84 pages)Available in paperback and ebook formats. Magic. Mayhem. Mythology. A short collection of ancient myths reimagined! Rhiannon Lotze brings you four entertaining tales, including: "King Adrian and the Golden Hydra," "Cosmic Games," "The Messenger," and "The Glass Market." With adventure and mischief laced with humor, this little … Continue reading New Minibook: “Of Gods & Myth”

New Minibook: “A Return to Spring”

A Return to SpringBy Gabriel Hart Crime Drama / Historical Fiction (46 pages) Available in paperback and ebook formats. A significant culture clash befalls a desert nightclub long past its prime. Vicky is the grizzled bartender whose only crime is insisting she keeps her privacy—her dignity. Tyler is a "tech bro" who waltzes in with … Continue reading New Minibook: “A Return to Spring”

New Minibook: “Burning Reflection”

Burning ReflectionBy Tim Mendees Cosmic Horror (96 pages) Available in paperback and ebook formats. As a child, Aiden Conley thought that his eccentric uncle was a vampire. Now that he is older, he realises that the truth behind the man's aversion to mirrors is far stranger. Madness and death dog Aiden's footsteps as he attempts … Continue reading New Minibook: “Burning Reflection”

New Minibook: “Off the Leash”

Off the LeashBy Matthew Brady Dark Fantasy/Grimdark/Horror (46 pages) Available in paperback and ebook formats. Young Peter Hackles has never lacked for anything, having been raised in the household of his mysterious Uncle Rackham: the wealthiest landowner in Egbert Valley. But that all changes on the day Peter and his friends discover a savaged corpse … Continue reading New Minibook: “Off the Leash”

New Minibook: “O Sister, Where Art Thou?”

O Sister, Where Art Thou?By Connor Kuntz Crime Drama/Paranormal (36 pages) Available in paperback and ebook formats. Beth Gilroy was abducted from her bed in the middle of the night. Her brother, Mike, had a chance to save her, but failed. Months go by and Dayton residents lose hope...all except Mike. Armed with that unwavering … Continue reading New Minibook: “O Sister, Where Art Thou?”

New Minibook: “Non-Prophet”

Non-ProphetBy Rhiannon Lotze Urban Sci-Fi/Family Drama (46 pages) Available in paperback and ebook formats. Staring down the barrel of university, Logan Diaz faces a choice: choose a program that follows his passion for cooking, or one that will benefit humanity, which is in desperate need of assistance. When the choice becomes impossible, Logan hires a … Continue reading New Minibook: “Non-Prophet”