Minibooks now on Audible

Mannison Press is excited to announce that we have expanded into audiobooks! We now have not one, but TWO of our Mannison Minibooks available on Audible in audiobook format.

Contemporary Fiction/Humor, 19 mins
Law student Joshua Jacobs is exhausted! He’s deep into his final semester, the Bar Exam looms large on the horizon, and the family drama just won’t quit…why did he think he could work part time, too? Another night of study and he might just lose his mind!

Science Fiction, 43 mins
Ralph Goodman has been sentenced to five years hard time. Imprisoned in the past — no bars, no walls — he wonders if this was, in fact, a death sentence. However, with a little unexpected assistance, Ralph might just make it back alive.

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About the author: Ronald Linson
Born and raised in western Connecticut, Ronald now lives in New York City. He writes mainly science fiction, fantasy, and horror, but has been known to dabble in other genres as well. Current projects include a Lovecraftian horror, a young adult fantasy, and a children’s series. Many of his short stories and poems can be found for free online.

About the author: Deidre J Owen
Deidre J Owen is a versatile writer who takes delight in exploring many different genres, including contemporary fiction, speculative fiction, children’s fiction, Christian themes, humor, and horror. Owen has a number of short stories and children’s books published both independently and with Mannison Press. She is currently loving life with her husband in Lithia, Florida, as a writer, publisher, and work-from-home mother. Learn more about Owen’s work at


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