New Minibook: “Of Gods & Myth”

Of Gods & Myth
By Rhiannon Lotze

Fantasy/Mythology (84 pages)
Available in 4×7 paperback and ebook formats.

Magic. Mayhem. Mythology. A short collection of ancient myths reimagined! Rhiannon Lotze brings you four entertaining tales, including: “King Adrian and the Golden Hydra,” “Cosmic Games,” “The Messenger,” and “The Glass Market.” With adventure and mischief laced with humor, this little collection of tales will find you rapt!


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Also by Rhiannon Lotze…


Urban Sci-Fi/Family Drama (46 pages)
Available in paperback and ebook formats.

Staring down the barrel of university, Logan Diaz faces a choice: choose a program that follows his passion for cooking, or one that will benefit humanity, which is in desperate need of assistance. When the choice becomes impossible, Logan hires a cut-rate “non-prophet” to give him a glimpse into his future. Unfortunately, the future is never exactly what one expects.

“Barrens and Brine” from Little Girl Lost: Thirteen Tales of Youth Disrupted

Anthology, Fiction/Multi-genre (204 pages)
Available in paperback and ebook formats.

All her life, desert pirate Kira has wanted to see the ocean but has been told it is nothing more than a myth, a legend. Until, one day, Kira stumbles across proof of the ocean’s existence. Now within reach, Kira betrays her crew for the chance at realizing her dream. But betrayal comes with a price.

About Rhiannon Lotze
Rhiannon Lotze is a Canadian author from Windsor, Ontario, which means she’s 97% maple syrup and 3% Timbit. She’s been a writer (and huge nerd) since she was nine years old and writing her first Star Wars fanfiction, although she didn’t know it was called “fanfiction” at the time. Rhiannon is also an avid reader and camper, and her favourite place to do both is on the shores of Lake Huron. You can find out more about her work at


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