New Minibook: “Dont Mess with Bunnies”

Don't Mess with BunniesBy Craig Crawford Dark Fantasy (44 pages) Available in paperback and ebook formats. Avery is your average teenager with the usual teenage problems...until a seemingly mundane creature gets into her head. This meek and defenseless-looking animal reveals to her the startling cost for the abuse of its kind. Avery quickly learns that … Continue reading New Minibook: “Dont Mess with Bunnies”

New Minibook: “The Many Ways of Heartbreak”

The Many Ways of HeartbreakBy Cecily Winter Literary Fiction (38 pages) Available in paperback and ebook formats. A schoolgirl and her mother are at odds when a job opportunity threatens to move them out of state. Determined to finish school in Manhattan—whatever the cost—young Jessamine discovers just how dark the back alleys of life can … Continue reading New Minibook: “The Many Ways of Heartbreak”

New Release: “Little Girl Lost”

October 15, 2019 Little Girl Lost:Thirteen Tales of Youth Disrupted This anthology has brought together authors from across America and Canada. Genres include horror, fantasy, science fiction, and crime drama. What binds these authors and their stories together are the disruptions: losses of innocence, of people, of hope...of one’s way. Fraught with peril, emotion, and … Continue reading New Release: “Little Girl Lost”