Mini-interview: RONALD LINSON

To wrap up this series of mini-interviews with our Mannison Minibook authors, we decided to include ourselves as the final two! Hey, the first Minibooks we published were our own…maybe somebody would like to know about our experiences, too, right? So today we are interviewing Mannison Press founder and editor-in-chief…

Ronald Linson

Author of Mannison Minibooks
Agent of Change and Overworked: A Legal Fiction (with Deidre J Owen)

So here’s Ron, sharing about some of his own work here at Mannison Press…

1. How old were you when you decided you were a writer?
I’d say it was about when I was 35. I’d always been pretty good at it in school, and I had applied it to good effect while building for an online text-based role playing game in the 1990s. But as any serious writer who wishes to get published will tell you, you need to hone your craft.
To that end, I spent a while studying the how-tos and why-fors of professional writing. After that, it was just a matter of sitting down and doing it.

2. What was the inspiration for Agent of Change?
I get most of my ideas during that time between sleeping and waking—the hypnogogic state—and that’s not especially conducive to writing things down. I have to remember these bits of inspiration for later, and I’m not always successful.
Agent of Change came about when I had (mild spoiler alert!) a scene pop into my head, fully formed, of a man standing in an office filled with plants, speaking with a young lady sitting behind a desk wearing a bikini top. Thankfully, it was when I was waking up, so I was able to go jot down the rough outlines for the scene right away. The rest of the story took quite a lot more time and brainstorming.

3. Do you enjoy writing about time travel? What was particularly fun—or difficult—about writing this piece?
Time travel is one of my favorite subgenres. Books, movies, you name it. But I’ll be honest: Writing about time travel isn’t all that easy. You have to get things right. You have to keep timelines and events straight; you have to keep the narrative from confusing your readers; and you have to make sure you get history correct. Otherwise, you risk getting *those* kinds of emails. You know, the ones where an irate reader will insist, “It was spelled Berenstain!” That can totally ruin your day. (“Berenstain” haha! Made me laugh. D.)

4. Did you have any specific music in mind as you wrote this story (or any of your others)?
The short answer is “no.” The long answer is “no, but…” After the fact, I could apply this little ditty to it: “If I Had a Time Machine, That Would Be Fresh” by MC Lars.

5. What’s your favorite genre to write in?
I try to dabble in a number of (sub)genres, but my absolute favorite is cosmic and Lovecraftian horror. If you’ve ever read H. P. Lovecraft’s At the Mountains of Madness, that is the standard to which I aspire.

6. Got anything new cookin’?
Sure, I’ve got a superhero short story in the works. A little bit of humor, a little bit of haute couture, and a whole lot of chutzpah. I’ve also got another Mannison Minibook coming soon: Time Served, a darkly humorous (or is it humorously dark, I forget) time travel tale about friendship, redemption, and wabbits**.

** No actual wabbits were harmed during the writing of the story (not that they didn’t deserve it, the cheeky little buggers. Just ask Craig Crawford.).

7. And just for fun… You’re feeling thirsty! What do you reach for?
An ice cold bottle of Snapple raspberry iced tea. It’s been my dollar-a-day habit for about thirty years. No, this isn’t a paid endorsement, but if Snapple is open to the idea… 😉

And that’s founder and editor-in-chief Ron Linson! We hope you enjoyed learning a bit about him and his own Minibooks. Ron’s next Mannison Minibook, Time Served, is due out this fall!

Up next: Our final interview with Mannison Press founder, designer, and Minibook author DEIDRE J OWEN on Monday, July 20th!

Agent of Change

Science Fiction/Time Travel Fiction (55 pages)

Temporal Agent Hideki Nara is sent back in time to prevent a mass murder/suicide. When the shooter unexpectedly dies, however, Hideki discovers the man is trapped in a freakish twist of time. The plan to address the anomaly is complicated. Improbable. Dangerous. Can Hideki and his team save both the man and the timeline?

Available in paperback and Kindle on AMAZON.
E-book also available on SMASHWORDS.

Overworked: A Legal Fiction

Contemporary Fiction/Humor (22 pages)

Law student Joshua Jacobs is exhausted! He’s deep into his final semester, the Bar Exam looms large on the horizon, and the family drama just won’t quit…why did he think he could work part time, too? Another night of study and he might just lose his mind!

Available in paperback and Kindle on AMAZON.
E-books also available at other retailers.

Born and raised in western Connecticut, Ron now lives in New York City. He writes mainly science fiction, fantasy, and horror, but has been known to dabble in other genres as well. Current projects include various short stories, a young adult fantasy, and a children’s series. Many of his short stories and poems can be found for free online. You can learn more about his writings on his author website or visit Mannison Edits for more about his work as an editor.

Learn more about Mannison Minibooks here.


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