New Novella: “Terminal Faults”

TERMINAL FAULTSby Deidre J Owen Science Fiction/Horror (180 pages)Available in 5x8 paperback and ebook formats. How complex our faults. Two young couples plot and scheme their way through life, unmoved by the havoc and heartache they inflict. A mother and daughter indulge in their most gluttonous desires, indifferent to the suffering of others. A serial … Continue reading New Novella: “Terminal Faults”

New Novella: “I Am Become Death”

I Am Become DeathBy Rhiannon Lotze Science Fiction (162 pages)Available in paperback and ebook formats. In the midst of war and global unrest, Canadian inventor Will Waterford has effectively created immortality. By turning the human mind into code and implanting it into android bodies called SimBods, Will's work releases humanity from the grip of disease, … Continue reading New Novella: “I Am Become Death”