New Novella: “The Beginner’s Guide to Being Evil”

Dave E. Lish Presents:THE BEGINNER'S GUIDE TO BEING EVILBrought to you by the meat suit known as "CRAIG CRAWFORD" Satire/Dark Humor (158 pages)Available in 5x8 paperback and ebook formats. Hey! I'm Dave. And you have questions. You're probably starting with this one:"Why should I not only buy, but actually read this book?" Look, no matter … Continue reading New Novella: “The Beginner’s Guide to Being Evil”

New Minibook: “Dont Mess with Bunnies”

Don't Mess with BunniesBy Craig Crawford Dark Fantasy (44 pages) Available in 4x7 paperback and ebook formats. Avery is your average teenager with the usual teenage problems...until a seemingly mundane creature gets into her head. This meek and defenseless-looking animal reveals to her the startling cost for the abuse of its kind. Avery quickly learns … Continue reading New Minibook: “Dont Mess with Bunnies”