We are pleased to present plans for a companion volume to our previous anthology! Coming in May of 2020, “Little Boy Lost: More Tales of Youth Disrupted” will be a second multi-author anthology filled with stories of adversity, misadventure, and more in a variety of exciting genres. These tales shall feature an unfortunate host of boys and budding young men who find themselves lost…often in more ways than one.

You can support this project by visiting our crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo from February 1st through March 14th, 2020.

Acceptances and Author Biographies

10. Feb 25, 2020: Marie Vibbert has sold over fifty short stories to paying markets, including seven times in Analog, where she has twice been a reader’s choice finalist. Her work has been translated into Chinese and Vietnamese. She has an identical (evil) twin and played tackle football. By day she is a computer programmer in Cleveland, Ohio. Read more about her at or follow her on twitter @mareasi.

10. Feb 24, 2020: Fiona M Jones is a creative writer living in Scotland. She has short fiction and nonfiction on Silver Pen, Folded Word, and a number of other venues. You can see Fiona’s published work through @FiiJ20 on Facebook, Twitter, and Thinkerbeat.

9. Feb 20, 2020: T.Y. Euliano, MD is a tenured professor of anesthesiology at the University of Florida and has been honored with numerous teaching awards, nearly 100,000 views of her YouTube teaching videos, and was featured in a calendar of women inventors. T. Y.’s short fiction has been recognized by Glimmer Train, Bards & Sages, Flame Tree Press, Flash Fiction Magazine, Crime Bake, and the Faulkner Society. Her debut novel, tentatively titled Do No Harm, will be published by Oceanview in March 2021.

8. Feb 14, 2020: John B. Rosenman is a retired English professor from Norfolk State University in Norfolk, VA. He has had 250 of his stories published in Weird Tales, Whitley Strieber’s Aliens, Galaxy, and elsewhere.  His novels include Alien Dreams, A Senseless Act of Beauty (Crossroad Press), The Merry-Go-Round Man (Crossroad Press), Speaker of the Shakk, Beyond Those Distant Stars (Mundania Press), and the Inspector of the Cross series (MuseItUp Publishing). John has also been awarded Musa Publishing’s 2013 Editor’s Top Pick award and Preditor’s and Editor’s Readers 2010 Poll Award for SF/F short fiction.

7. Feb 10, 2020: Cathy Bryant has won 27 literary awards, including the Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Prize and the Wergle Flomp Award for Humorous Poetry. Her work has been included in the publications Magma, The Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine, and Stairs and Whispers. She co-edited the anthologies Best of Manchester Poets Vols. 1, 2, and 3, and Cathy’s own collections are Contains Strong Language and Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Look at All the Women, and Erratics. Her best-selling book is How to Win Writing Competitions. Cathy lives in Cheshire, UK. See Cathy’s listings for impoverished writers at

6. Feb 10, 2020: Jeremy Thackray is a speculative fiction writer from Leicester in the UK. “The Inspection” will be his first published short story, and he is currently working on a novel set in the same world. He lives with his partner and their two cats and gets his ideas for fiction from history, music, and gaming.

5. Feb 3, 2020: Noah Grace is a young, emerging writer from the UK who loves to make stories and music in equal measure. Noah’s first full-length publication will be a Young Adult interactive fiction game, which is currently in the works.

4. Jan 28, 2020: Nicola Kapron is a Canadian student in her fifth year of Digital Media Studies and Creative Writing at Vancouver Island University. She’s previously contributed to Portal Magazine, Rebel Mountain Press’s upcoming anthology Disabled Voices, and Mannison Press’s anthology Little Girl Lost: 13 Tales of Youth Disrupted. Nicola lives in Nanaimo, British Columbia, with a hoard of books—mostly fantasy and horror—and an extremely fluffy cat.

3. Jan 23, 2020: Gabriel Hart, author and songwriter, lives in Morongo Valley in California’s High Desert. His debut twin novel Virgins In Reverse/The Intrusion (Traveling Shoes Press) was released January 2019. His chapbook Cinema of Life (2016) and novelette Nothing To See Here (2017) will be incorporated into his upcoming desert speculative fiction novel Lies of Heaven, to be released in 2020 (Space Cowboy). He also has several short-fiction and poetry pieces published in Cholla Needles, the Howl 2018 and 2019 Anthology, the Desert Writers Guild Anthology, and Luna Arcana. Currently, Hart is teaching the writing workshop for Mil-Tree, a non-profit reach out program for Vets and Active Duty Military to heal the wounds of war.

2. Jan 19, 2020: Ken Goldman, former Philadelphia teacher of English and Film Studies, is an Active member of the Horror Writers Association. He has homes on the Main Line in Pennsylvania and at the Jersey shore. His stories have  appeared in over 910 independent press publications in the U.S., Canada,  the UK,  and Australia with over thirty due for publication in 2019. Since 1993, Ken’s tales have received seven honorable mentions in The Year’s Best Fantasy & Horror. He has also penned six books including three anthologies, a novella, and two novels, Of a Feather and Sinkhole.

1. Dec 13, 2019: Angelique Fawns is a writer of speculative fiction and non-fiction articles about farm life. She works full-time as a television writer/producer and lives on a farm with her daughter, husband, horses, goats, chickens, dog, cat, and attack llama. You can find her work in Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, Gateway Review: A Journal of Magical Realism, Postscript, The Plaid Horse Blog,, and The Spadina Literary Review.


“Little Girl Lost: Thirteen Tales of Youth Disrupted” is a multi-author anthology featuring 13 stories of adventure, adversity, and the supernatural in genres ranging from horror to fantasy to sci-fi. Fraught with peril, emotion, and journeys most incredible, this collection of tales is sure to draw you in. Just don’t get lost.

Featuring original stories by PIERS ANTHONY, Roxanne Dent, Ashleigh Hatter, Nicola Kapron, Ronald Linson, Rhiannon Lotze, Caitlin Marceau, Bradley R. Mitzelfelt, Rachel Nussbaum, Deidre J Owen, Hailey Piper, Drew Piston, and J. B. Rockwell. Full author biographies here.


Read the Introduction by Ronald Linson

Watch the official book trailer.

Press Release, Tampa Bay Newswire (Oct 4 2019)

Like to know more about anthologies and the publication process? Check out this interview with our own Deidre J Owen on YouTube’s “Writers’ Row,” hosted by D. C. Wright-Hammer and David Gane.


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