Editing Services by Morgan Schafer

You’ve written a story! An article! An essay! Congratulations! That is no small feat. But now the real work begins. You’ve pored over your words time and again, editing and revising and editing some more…and now it’s time for a professional.

MORGAN SCHAFER is a copyeditor and proofreader for Crossroad Press and an indie author himself, writing under the pen name Ronald Linson. Now, he is pleased to offer his professional editing services as the Mannison Press Editor-in-Chief! Whether it’s a flash fiction piece or your debut novel, that paper for class or an article for your blog, he’s happy to discuss your editing needs.

(Please note: Mannison Press is not a hybrid publisher. The editing services listed below are separate from our publications division and do not guarantee publication with Mannison Press. Conversely, work that has been contracted for publication with Mannison Press will not incur charges for editing and design services for the contracted work.)

Line Edit/Proofreading: $0.009 per word, or $9 per 1000 words

Consider this your quality control check and the final step before publication. Proofreading scrutinizes your work for punctuation, grammar, spelling inconsistencies, tenses, and sentence structure. Give your writing a nice little spit polish!

Copyedit/Content editing: $0.012 per word, or $12 per 1000 words

More than just a fancy spell check, a full copyedit addresses everything from the little details to the big picture. This goes beyond your basic proofreading to address consistency and flow. Make your project the best it can be!

Developmental/Structural Editing: $0.02 per word, or $20 per 1000 words

Do you feel like your project lacks something? Need a little help with the overall structure or finding the right direction? If you’re looking for more of a collaboration than a critique, then a developmental edit may be just what you need.

Beta Reading/Critique: $0.001 per word, or $1 per 1000 words

“The end”…what a great feeling! But before you submit it to your editor, that thing needs some solid feedback. A good beta read/critique can give you that outside perspective and help identify any sticking points or areas that need a bit more oomph.

“This was my first experience hiring a professional beta reader for a manuscript and I couldn’t have been happier with the results! Ron was very thorough in explaining the process of beta reading and what to expect, so I knew exactly the scope of what was being done. When the critique was presented to me, his analysis was honest and direct, which gave me a great touching point from which to reexamine my own work with less bias. In addition, Ron went above and beyond to help me understand editing and formatting best practices and is readily available to answer any questions I have about the critique. I highly recommend that all writers hire a professional beta reader, especially if it’s Ron Linson.”
~Rhiannon Lotze

“My MS really shines after sending it to Morgan! After reading the edits, I had a couple places where I questioned my own clarity and asked him to take a second look. He was very accommodating on making sure all my questions were answered before considering his job done. Highly recommend!”
~Erin Pickett

“Rather than having me toss the manuscript their way and giving silence, Mannison kept me informed of the process and asked questions throughout. I had specific needs for this edit, and they ensured these were being met before sending me the final copy.”
~Hailey Piper

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All prices are listed in U.S. dollars (USD). Pricing may vary slightly depending upon editing required. A written quote and editing contract will be provided prior to service. For projects under 20,000 words payment will be due prior to service; for projects over 20,000 words half will be due prior to service with the remainder payable upon delivery. Services charges, conversion fees, or other bank fees may apply, as determined by your financial institution. Payment can be made through PayPal or direct bank transfer.