New Minibook: “A Return to Spring”

A Return to Spring
By Gabriel Hart

Crime Drama / Historical Fiction (46 pages)


A significant culture clash befalls a desert nightclub long past its prime. Vicky is the grizzled bartender whose only crime is insisting she keeps her privacy—her dignity. Tyler is a “tech bro” who waltzes in with plans to exploit Vicky’s secret past. But Tyler has no idea that a towering Native American biker who carries a bowie knife and a substantial body count is about to shut it all down. Will the public finally become privy to a horrific broad-daylight crime that fell through the cracks of time? Whichever way the shifting sands spin, all shall be revealed in how the Spring Break Riots of 1986 tie this unlikely trio together.


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Also by Gabriel Hart: “Wrath Child’s Atrophy” from Little Boy Lost: More Tales of Youth Disrupted

Anthology, Fiction/Multi-genre (222 pages)
Available in paperback and ebook formats.

Three pre-adolescent boys band together in the wake of the disappearance of one of their brothers. Fascinated by the missing teen’s recent satanic involvement, they attempt to “summon” him back in their own way.

About the Author
Gabriel Hart lives in Morongo Valley in California’s High Desert. His debut twin novel of dipso-surrealist noir
Virgins In Reverse / The Intrusion (Traveling Shoes Press) was released in 2019, with a foreword by Avant-rockabilly provocateur Tav Falco. Gabriel’s upcoming novel of desert speculative fiction Lies of Heaven (Space Cowboy Books) will be released in 2021. Other works have appeared in Pulp Modern, Shotgun Honey, ExPat Press, Bristol Noir (UK), Black Hare Press (Australia), and Crime Poetry Weekly. He is a regular contributor to Lit Reactor, EconoClash Review, Space Cowboy’s Simultaneous Times podcast, as well as L.A. Record, a Los Angeles underground music publication. Hart also taught the writing workshop for Mil-Tree, a non-profit reach out program for Vets and Active Duty Military to heal the wounds of war.

Gabriel’s musical alter-ego sees him as the ringleader of the L.A. based punk Wall of Sound group Jail Weddings, who released their third album Wilted Eden in 2019. Their previous album Meltdown: A Declaration of Unpopular Emotion (2013) was voted Best Album of The Year by L.A. Weekly, followed by Best Band of the Year in 2014.


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